Monday Motivation

October 1, 2012


Happy Monday people! The start of a new month today and another video to get you pumped up for week ahead. Ask yourself this… Did you move closer to your goals today or did you move further away? Are you willing to push yourself to exhaustion or do you give up when things get uncomfortable? […]

Monday Motivation – Make a promise to yourself

September 24, 2012


It’s Monday morning again people… Another week filled with opportunity and new possibilities lies ahead! This week I want you to make a promise to yourself… A promise to strive for greatness. It’s only by truly stepping outside your comfort zone that you will realize your true potential! Here’s today’s video to help you take […]

Monday Motivation – Push Through The Pain

September 17, 2012


Struggling for motivation this Monday morning? Check the link and be ready to push through your barriers in less than 4 minutes Get out there and own the day people!!! Happy Monday!

Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle choice

September 16, 2012


Happy Sunday people. Been quiet for a while but I’m back with a new post. So last time out I discussed using intermittent fasting (IF) for getting quick results over a short time frame. Today I want to talk about integrating IF into your lifestyle over the long term. As before make sure your diet […]

Monday motivation – it’s back

September 10, 2012


Good morning people! I hope you had an awesome weekend and feeling excited for the week ahead. I missed the last couple of weeks due to moving into a new flat and no Internet connection for a while… But I’m back with another motivational video to kick off the week! This week it’s very topical […]

Motivational Monday – how bad do you want it?

August 20, 2012


Happy Monday! I hope you all had an awesome weekend? Time to get up and move closer to your goal. Stop dreaming and START making it your REALITY!

Motivational Monday

August 13, 2012


Happy Monday People! The start of another week and that means Monday Motivation time!   The first step to success is believing you can! Make this week better than last week and you’re already on the path to success! Get out there and own the day!